Green Room Designs Basketbolista's New Store in Dubai Mall

Green Room Designs Basketbolista's New Store in Dubai Mall

Green Room has designed the new store concept for Basketbolista in The Dubai Mall. The 120 m2 store has been designed with the urban basketball court in mind. Instantly recognizable from across the mall, the store's fascia features a large basketball icon, calling out the sport and store to the mall's visitors.

The open fronted store welcomes customers in, and its simple, rectangular format lends a nod to the court itself, with neon ceiling lighting providing further reference to the familiar lines of the basketball net's backboard, artfully lengthening the perspective of the store.

A second smaller, illuminated basketball icon heads up a brand statement at the entrance, defining Basketbolista to new customers, while a third large-scale icon in the middle of the store's floor, reflects court lines and provides a focal point for Basketbolista's latest collections. Taking centre stage, the bleacher-like tiered table features animated mannequins which bring the display to life. Alongside hero product is presented in a showcase, accompanied by a museum like description, enticing customers and giving them reason to try the coolest new product on offer.

A display of white basketballs and large-scale imagery of the sport's international heroes support the perimeter merchandising and provide further context, while a full-height atmospheric black and white image of local players on the wall behind the cash desk, gives the store a sense of community. The dynamic angle of this image is accentuated by an illuminated edge, creating a break between the front of the store and the lighter palette of the rear space, where Basketbolista's footwear collections are presented and customers can try footwear on.

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