Adobe Adds 600+ Monotype Fonts to Typekit

Adobe Adds 600+ Monotype Fonts to Typekit

Adobe has added 665 fonts from Monotype to its Typekit library. Many of the Monotype fonts now available for sync were originally designed in the early 20th century and have been updated and refined over the years to bring them from their original use cases such as the letterpress, hot-metal typesetting and phototypesetting to the digital era.

Highlights of the collection include the 80s film classic ITC Benguiat, the bold and sophisticated ITC Avant Garde Gothic, the commercially popular Gills Sans, and the popular choice for titles and branding Rockwell Nova.

"With a shared legacy of innovation and creativity, Adobe and Monotype have been proud to partner for more than thirty years to bring the very best digital typefaces to the world," commented Christopher Slye, Business Manager for Adobe Type and Typekit. "I'm really pleased to extend our longstanding alliance by bringing all of these well known, classic type designs to Adobe Creative Cloud users."

Photo: Courtesy of Adobe