Whipsaw Helps Bring a New Strength Training System into Your Home

Whipsaw Helps Bring a New Strength Training System into Your Home

Whipsaw worked with Tonal for three years to develop the first ever digital weight strength training system with interactive video workouts that are powered by machine learning. It is a compact, wall-mounted unit that combines sleek hardware with on-demand personalized coaching.

Powered by an electromagnetic resistance engine rather than large metal plates and gravity, Tonal's 'digital weights' provide smooth and precise weight in single pound increments, replacing an entire gym full of equipment. The digital weights measure and respond to you automatically. If you're struggling to complete a rep, sensors automatically adjust the weight.

"Tonal was the ultimate comprehensive design problem - packed with ergonomic, aesthetic, user experience, material and functional challenges," said Dan Harden, CEO and Principal Designer at Whipsaw. "Every single detail has been perfected for performance, durability and appearance."

A simple button-push of the handles also adjusts the weight. When not being used Tonal is compact, understated and elegant with its arms tucked neatly to its sides, making it acceptable on any wall. When in use the arms pivot out on vertical columns and move up or down to accommodate every workout ranging from standing lat pull downs to low squats to lateral chest flys.

Photos: Courtesy of Whipsaw


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