Tile Selects Whipsaw to Develop Their Next Generation Tracker

Tile Selects Whipsaw to Develop Their Next Generation Tracker

Launched this month, Pro and Mate are Tile's new flagship tracking devices for finding your personal items such as phones and keys. Each improve on their predecessors by introducing a replaceable battery that lasts one year, increased range up to 300 feet, are twice as loud, and are more durable. Whipsaw refined Tile's iconic design language by improving details, proportions, and functionality of these trackers.

A solid steel frame surrounds Pro which provides impact resistance and an improved attachment experience. The frame features a larger and thinner key ring hole making it easier to use with standard keys. The contrasting steel frame, sandwiched by the soft diamond-texture housings, presents a nice balance between elegance and ruggedness - or as Apple Insider said, "Tile's new Pro model clarifies the design with a thinner metal chassis that integrates nicely with its central housing."

This next generation of the tracker truly epitomizes the marriage of form and function. Every design decision was driven by a customer need. The end result is a tracker that addresses the previous woes of not being able to easily attach the tracker to personal objects as well as needing to send the tracker back to Tile for replacement when the battery died after a year.

Images: Courtesy of Whipsaw


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