WORKSTEAD Designs New Wine Destination in Tulsa

WORKSTEAD Designs New Wine Destination in Tulsa

Workstead has recently designed 'Vintage,' a new wine bar located in the Blue Dome District of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Vintage stands as the new iteration of city-favorite Vintage 1974 (est. 2004), and with its relocation & fresh design the outpost will deliver a more dynamic, tailored experience.

Vintage's realization highlights WORKSTEAD's larger exploration of the Art Deco movement's influence on Tulsa's downtown area. Streamlined contours and opulent structure are complimented by jewel-like hues and warm fixtures. The venue itself sits below The First Ward Salon, an earlier WORKSTEAD project, and is set within a sleeve of subtly stepping walls and anchored by a long, low banquette to one side and stepped walnut bar to the other.

In finalizing Vintage's interior presentation, WORKSTEAD consulted a host of different design visionaries including local millworker Eric Fransen; Los Angeles-based furniture brand Lawson Fenning, and British wallpaper and paint manufacturer Farrow & Ball for the inclusion of complementary product. The rich design of such ingredients is further elevated by a selection of the studio's iconic Signal lighting collection, generating an overall feeling of strength in form, utility, and material, a central part of WORKSTEAD's practice.

The unveiling of Vintage also marks the studio's first foray into branding - a comprehensive package was completed for the project. The resulting framework is a natural extension of the bar's internal aesthetic and more largely reflects the desire to create a new wine destination in the American Midwest.

Photography: Matthew Williams


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