Studio8 Designs INKWOOD Restaurant and Bar in Columbia Circle, Shanghai

Studio8 Designs INKWOOD Restaurant & Bar in Columbia Circle, Shanghai

Studio8 recently completed INKWOOD, one of Shanghai's newest and hottest dining venues. Developed around the connection between 'INK' and 'WOOD,' interesting color and material combinations are used in the space. Dark green boiserie on the bottom half of the wall makes the space appear to be soaked in dark green ink, while mustard yellow walls with rough texture absorb and reflect light, creating a warm and soft ambience.

Both the space and the menu are set up in ways to bring people together, as the chef believes that food is also about socializing. There is a variety of seatings that allow different groups of customers to find a space that suits them.

Carefully selected and custom-made accessories and paintings are casually placed on the 1.2 meter waistline, leaving the rest minimal. The cutlery, accessories and even flower arrangements continue the overall style of INKWOOD's visual design, like the chemistry created by food and sauce, delicate, warm and many-layered.

Photos: Rosu, Studio8