Michael Wolff, NB Studio and Alice Bowsher Help Create Identity for ANNA

Michael Wolff, NB Studio & Alice Bowsher Help Create Identity for ANNA

Michael Wolff, NB Studio and Alice Bowsher have created the identity for a new financial service for creative professionals, freelancers and sole traders called ANNA Money. Anna offers business accounts enabled with fast-learning AI that will help support creatives in a number of ways.

Promising to help creatives keep on top of both their business finances and accompanying admin, Anna - which stands for Absolutely No-Nonsense Admin - provides an entirely digital platform that addresses the unique needs of SMEs for whom creativity is integral to their business, from design and architecture to independent cafes, distilleries or breweries. Anna has been designed specifically to suit the needs of creative professionals at all levels - from sole traders to established agencies.

"Traditionally, there's no place for emotion in finance; we wanted the visual identity to embody the opposite of that," explained Nick Finney of NB Studio. "As a small business owner, you're there to do something you love. The identity we created features illustrations by Alice Bowsher, whose charming, playful drawings help make Anna an approachable and relatable brand. The warmth of the terracotta orange throughout the website, digital platforms and collateral stands in sharp contrast to the traditional cold blues of banks, corporations and traditional fintech."

"Meticulous care has gone into developing the brand," Designer and Creative Advisor Michael Wolff added. "Anna is bold yet self-effacing. It's entertaining because what's the point of being dull? It is entertaining in an apt and restrained manner. Above everything, Anna is practical and no nonsense. Everything about the brand identity reflects the communities Anna serves."

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