Making of Spun - Thomas Heatherwick Tells the Amazing Story of Spun

Making of Spun: Thomas Heatherwick Tells the Amazing Story of Spun

Magis Spun chair, designed in 2010 by Thomas Heatherwick, has been used in indoor and outdoor public spaces, office projects, and more and has been described as terrifying, exhilarating, and playful - all at the same time. Now, architect and designer Thomas Heatherwick of Heatherwick Studios breaks down the creation process for Spun in this new video directed by Juriaan Booij.

"You feel your back stretching, your legs up, you get a different perspective on the world and then come back 'round. Normally somebody gets terrified of going all the way around and then realizing that they can - there's a sot of art to doing it," explains Heatherwick. "There was no intention to design a chair. We have all sorts of experiments and tests we've tried, many of which go absolutely nowhere, but the occasional times where things really come together, that moment is exhilarating."

Photo: Still from video by Juriaan Booij


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