Adobe Announces Final Visual Trend of 2018 - Touch and Tactility

Adobe Announces Final Visual Trend of 2018: Touch & Tactility

Adobe has released its final Visual Trend deep dive report of 2018, Touch and Tactility, which explores how creatives are adapting to our need for textures and tactile experiences. As Americans spend nearly half of their waking hours looking at a screen, they're desperately short on the textures, warmth and connections that come from engaging with things in the tangible world.

From architecture to fashion and pop culture to tech, today's brands and organizations are delivering products and experiences inspired by tactility. Consumers are engaging with makers in groups like the Thread Caravan, browsing from the nearly two million active sellers (and growing) on Etsy, and tuning into TV craft competitions like NBC's Making It - with 6.3 million people watching the premiere. Brands are also integrating hand-crafted components into product designs such as Google's Pixel Buds and Ikea's Eneby Bluetooth speakers to deliver more tactile experiences.

As consumers crave more texture and connection, brands and designers have an opportunity to embrace Touch and Tactility with touchable, imperfect surfaces, textures, and crafts along with genuine moments of human connection.

Photo: RooM The Agency / Adobe Stock

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