Perkins+Will Unveiled TENTSION at Waller Creek Show in Austin

Perkins+Will Unveiled TENTSION at Waller Creek Show in Austin

Creek Show, now in its fifth year and presented by the Waller Creek Conservancy, takes place across nine nights and includes six light-based, site-specific art installations on Waller Creek in Austin. This year, the team at the Austin office of Perkins+Will has created an installation for this annual program, called TENTSION, which will be in situ until November 17.

Constructed from over 120 tents, the TENTSION installation embodies many manifestations of the strains prevalent every day at Waller Creek. Made out of camping tents bound together to create grouped forms, each piece will eventually be deconstructed and donated to local organizations such as Integral Care, Trinity Center, and Path that serve those in need.

Visitors will experience the form winding and reacting to the path of the creek, morphing within its environment and becoming interactive through changes in perspective. The structure is highlighted in some areas, while hidden in others, allowing a contrast between mass and void as your vantage point changes. Through the use of spot lighting, lanterns, and black lights housed within the structures as well as careful external illumination, TENTSION becomes a glowing, pulsating, living form.

Photography: Leonid Furmansky


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