A Home for All - Six Experiments in Social Housing

A Home for All: Six Experiments in Social Housing

'A Home for All' exhibition at the RIBA Gallery will presents six pioneering projects from the collections of the RIBA and the V&A. Each project in the exhibition demonstrates a different experiment in social housing design, from a tower block that up-ended the terraced street, to a DIY kit that encouraged residents to design their own homes.

All of these schemes were commissioned by local authorities, showing the crucial role of the state in providing housing. They also demonstrate the role of the architect - be it a personal philosophy, new idea, or the integration of best practice or lessons learned - in the creation of high quality housing.

The exhibition will be on view from November 24 to May 23, 2019, and will feature original architectural drawings, photographs, site plans and building models. A sense of the experience, intention and reception of each project will be explored through quotes from residents, architects and stakeholders selected from the archives. It will also include archival and contemporary poster and protest material showing changing attitudes towards social housing policy and programs.

Photo: Keeling House, Claredale Street, Bethnal Green, London, 1959. (c) RIBA Collections

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