Adobe Releases 30 Free Font Packs

Adobe Releases 30 Free Font Packs

Adobe Fonts has released 30 free Font Packs, curated by design luminaries to help all creatives jumpstart their work. Developed by design and type leaders like Tad Carpenter, Natasha Jen, Annie Atkins, Monotype, Morisawa and Type Network, these Font Packs are curated collections sourced from the 14,000+ fonts in the Adobe Fonts library to help spark design inspiration.

Creative Cloud users can now easily activate curated, quick-start packages of fonts - plus a few helpful templates - for a variety of design projects, including holiday greetings, web design, branding, presentations, infographics, signage and more. The packs also include font collections for projects around themes like civic action (The Resistance Pack; Fonts for Change), entertainment (Movie Poster Font Pack; Band Poster Font Pack) and travel (Wayfinding Font Pack; Wanderlust Travel Brochure).

Image: Courtesy of Adobe Fonts


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