iKEON Smart Power Outlets and Light Switches Win 2019 iF Design Awards

iKEON Smart Power Outlets and Light Switches Win 2019 iF Design Awards

The iKEON range of smart power outlets and light switches designed by Design + Industry have received a 2019 iF Design Award in the Product Design category. The iKEON range is packed with technology - from sensors that can monitor temperature, humidity and power consumption through to Siri voice control and Apple HomeKit compatibility.

iKEON enclosures are constructed from scratch resistant and fireproof plastic, with a unique combination of gloss finish on the sides and matte finish on the fascia. Despite the confined space, the D+I team were able to engineer the electronics and sensors to fit inside the enclosure - the first time this has been achieved in a consumer power outlet or light switch.

Every iKEON power outlet features a safety lock (to prevent devices from being accidentally switched off) and a programmable timer - indicator lights on the fascia clearly indicate the lock and timer status. 'Smart Active Technology' prevents the power outlet from turning on without a plug inserted.

The LED illumination employed in the iKEON power outlets and light switches can be customised with a virtually unlimited range of colours. A proximity sensor allows any device to sense your presence and increase brightness to 100%, making the buttons easier to see in the dark. iKEON even has a unique 'Night Light' mode that can illuminate hallways and rooms - providing a safer home or office environment.

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