2019 In-House Creative Management Report by InSource and inMotionNow

2019 In-House Creative Management Report by InSource and inMotionNow

InSource and inMotionNow have released the second Annual In-House Creative Management Report. The 2019 survey of 566 creative and marketing professionals finds that leaders in both camps scored marginal grades and points to a range of challenges in the organizational relationship, team alignment and collaboration - which stem from the natural challenges that come with growing in-house creative teams. More importantly, an analysis of the data links these challenges to the effects they have on creative operations and efficiency.

While chief marketing officers (CMOs) have increasingly taken more creative work in-house - in pursuit of deep brand knowledge and efficiency - the survey reveals early warning indications that merely adding headcount isn't enough. Marketing and creative departments need well-defined, mutually agreed upon, and highly collaborative processes to drive the benefits CMOs aim to deliver for the business.

The study shows that those creative and marketing organizations with strong alignment are more likely to give leaders higher marks, report good morale, use best practices, and have the capacity to dedicate more time doing what they were hired to do: being creative.

"Bringing creative in-house promises greater efficiencies and higher quality creative work, but organizations can't just bolt on a creative team and expect miracles," commented Alex Withers, chief marketing officer (CMO) for inMotionNow. "In order to reap those benefits, creative and marketing teams must develop a strategic relationship - and this study uncovers the keys to building alignment with marketing and creative and driving results faster."

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