2019 Lexus Design Award Finalists Announced

2019 Lexus Design Award Finalists Announced

Lexus International has announced six finalists of the 2019 Lexus Design Award. LDA's 2019 theme, 'Design for a Better Tomorrow,' tasked creatives to envision solutions that go beyond the mastery of shape, form, and function. This year's winning selection of innovative projects includes a 3D-custom lace bra created for breast cancer survivors, a modular housing system designed to withstand earthquakes and a new material crafted from desert sand.

"This year's submissions revealed a strong awareness of the connectedness of our world and the need for increased social consciousness," commented technologist and 2019 LDA judge, John Maeda. "It's clear that the fusion of classical design and computational design is now happening especially in the minds of designers looking to solve our world's biggest problems. I'm optimistic that as we continue to nurture and embrace this new generation of designers we'll see a better tomorrow."

2019 Lexus Design Award Finalists

Algorithmic Lace

This bra, made for post-mastectomy women, is custom crafted using a new methodology using algorithmic patterning to make three-dimensional lace. This avoids aspects of the bra that create discomfort after surgery, and give each woman a confidence in her new beginning.


This project seeks a new purpose for desert sand, a naturally abundant material which has not been widely used. By creating composite materials using desert sand and non-toxic binders, this project proposes new products through experimentation and research.


The Baluto project seeks a solution in low-lying areas where the main concern is flood mitigation. This housing strategy provides a habitable space on land that can withstand a sudden rise in flood water level.

Green Blast Jet Energy

Green Blast Jet Energy makes it possible to collect the energy of the jet blast of an aircraft taking off and to return it for different needs of airports.


Hydrus is an emergency treatment equipment for offshore oil spills. This equipment does not only try to solve one problem, but also encourages people to deal with the changes in our earth's environment.


Solgami utilizes origami geometry to give apartment residents a closer connection to their external environment. Formed as a window blind, this geometry provides privacy, and puts the user in charge of deciding between greater internal illumination, or electricity generation.

The six finalists will have their works introduced at the Lexus Design Award Pavilion at the 2019 Milan Design Week with one prototype selected to be crowned the Grand Prix prize winner, receiving production support from Lexus as well as further mentorship from elite judges.