Studio Rodrigo Designs New  Website and Identity for Spell

Studio Rodrigo Designs New Website and Identity for Spell

Studio Rodrigo has designed a new collaborative web platform and brand identity for machine learning startup Spell. Spell is a cloud-based platform offering a range of cutting-edge hardware and software tools that give individuals and organizations access to the kind of artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities that have until now been limited to the biggest corporations.

Thanks to its new interface and supporting website, Spell can be used by companies to collaboratively run machine learning projects and experiments at any scale. It makes experiment and data management accessible and shareable, as well as providing access to end-to-end machine learning workflow tools and private and secure compute clusters.

"Spell makes use of some incredibly powerful technology and it has a world-class team behind it, driven by the common mission of enabling enterprises to tap in to the power of machine learning," said Ritik Dholakia, Managing Partner and Founder, Studio Rodrigo. "Collaborating with their team on such powerful technology was inspiring.

"Our challenge was to give the brand a new identity that balanced the magic and promise of the platform with the levels of technical precision and directness required by expert users."

The new website is clean, bright and approachable, positioning the startup in a way that perfectly positions the power of the tools and the mission of the company. It uses marketing and design language that is as well suited to reassuring expert users as it is to enticing investors and those new to machine learning.

This accessible approach extends to the new web interface, which is clean and easily navigable, bringing to the fore the ability to collaborate and manage dense data sets and machine learning experiments. The new interface is as simple to look at as Gmail but enables access to a sophisticated technical infrastructure.

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