Seven Sisters by Lazerian for Winsford Town Park

Seven Sisters by Lazerian for Winsford Town Park

Cheshire West and Chester Council recently commissioned Lazerian to consider a series of sculptures for the redevelopment of Winsford Town Park. The history of the Winsford, Cheshire just over 20 miles from Lazerian's studio in Manchester, has been dominated by the mining and processing of salt. A century ago the skyline of the town was dominated by chimneys, all of which have now disappeared as the industry has retreated underground once again.

'Seven Sisters' is a series of eight, newly unveiled sculptures that relate both directly to the chimneys that once loomed over the local population, erroneously nicknamed 'Seven Sisters' as the number exceeded the description by at least four, but also the scientific characteristics of salt.

The two chemical elements of salt, sodium and chloride, display a lattice network of octahedrons when magnified. Developing a network of octahedrons and drawing them out into chimney structures, Lazerian created a series of new, dynamic sculptures fabricated in steel rods. Finished in bright white, each emphasises the negative space within the structure so as to purvey a sense of constant movement and faith with the original, 2D outline, when viewed from any angle. A sense of organic movement reflects on the sense of change currently felt around Winsford itself.

Photos: Courtesy of Lazerian


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