INPHANTRY Creates Immersive AR App for PUMA's LQDCELL Technology

INPHANTRY Creates Immersive AR App for PUMA's LQDCELL Technology

INPHANTRY recently developed an AR app for PUMA's new LQDCELL Origin shoes. The app brings LQDCELL Origins to life by recognizing the shoe to unlock filters and add special effects to photos and videos.

The Fire Filter lets you see your new Origins in a visual blaze of glory. Another key feature is a fast-paced augmented reality game that challenges the user's agility. Using positional tracking, the user has to constantly move and interact with AR elements to progress through the game. Other features within the app include a 3D model of the Origin that users can insert anywhere in their environment. Simply tap on the shoe, and watch it split apart to learn more about LQDCELL's key design and technology hallmarks.

User experience was key in developing an app that enabled the audience to have fun expressing themselves while engaging with the brand. Collaborating closely with PUMA, INPHANTRY brought together a seasoned team of designers, developers, 3D artists, animators, and storytellers to bring the app to life completely in-house.

"We knew that colorways alone would not be enough to convey the performance-driven innovation and technology that went into developing and designing the PUMA Origin," commented Kevin Lee, INPHANTRY Co-Founder/Creative Director. "To move the idea from inspiration to impact, it had to become real, and AR was the clear solution due to the native capabilities of most mobile phones."

Before landing on the idea for the app, INPHANTRY rallied all of its sneakerheads on staff and immersed themselves in the history of culture-defining footwear. The extensive R&D process also included a deep analysis of emerging technology trends in the current consumer marketplace. Further experimentation led to INPHANTRY leveraging machine learning and AR tracking for features like the Fire Filter, which was designed to detect a LQDCELL versus other objects or shoes, as well as provide a custom-built solution that was unique to PUMA. INPHANTRY also customized the app's backend to support future PUMA product launches and campaigns with AR content.


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