Architecture49 and Humà Design Rockland Center's La Cuisine

Architecture49 and Humà Design Rockland Center's La Cuisine

Humà Design + Architecture and Architecture49 recently completed Rockland Center's new food court, 'La Cuisine.' The result of a narrow collaboration between those two renowned offices, the design teams worked with the client to redefine the culinary experience focusing on the gastronomic pleasures.

A major opening towards Acadie Boulevard assures flooding of natural lighting throughout the indoor space, which was previously only artificially lit. The numerous vegetal interior inserts complement the interior as a whole and transform the site into a grand garden and a wide dining room.

The food court offers many sub-spaces featuring different atmospheres. Some value the refined details and maximum brightness, others felted and comfortable alcoves, the latter features copper and greenery. All these combined spaces succeed in creating harmony through the use of noble materials such as marble, wood, copper, and leather while exposing sumptuous lighting custom-designed for the project.

Photography: Adrien Williams


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