Le Littoral by Architecture49

Le Littoral by Architecture49

Architecture49 recently designed a contemporary residence for a couple passionate about gastronomy and great lovers of Charlevoix. Inspired by the breathtaking view of the river and the picturesque rural setting, 'Le Littoral' features a minimalist, sustainable and honest design.

Charlevoix is known for the majesty of its views: the St. Lawrence River meets the sea, the mountains of the Hautes Gorges skirt fertile plains, under a sky that plays the role of a moving painting. The region, its terroir, and the people who live there receive each season many visitors seduced by its authenticity. The architecture of the region combines historical buildings and resolutely contemporary works. 'Le Littoral' blends into this environment by deconstructing and reworking the silhouette of the region's farm buildings, making it a luxury tourist residence that's resolutely contemporary and discreetly inserted into its surroundings.

To make the Littoral an ideal meeting place and resort, conducive to creating memorable moments for the people who stay there, Architecture49 has created a sleek and functional environment, full of discreetly integrated facilities. A swimming pool, sauna, fireplace, and spa contribute to the comfort and relaxation of its occupants. The kitchen, which occupies a major space upstairs, is equipped with a multitude of professional tools for amateur chefs and gastronomes so that they can take full advantage of the high agricultural and culinary center that is Charlevoix.

Photography: Stéphane Brügger


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