Found Crafts Groundbreaking Installation for Nissan Flagship Store in Paris

Found Crafts Groundbreaking Installation for Nissan Flagship Store in Paris

Found recently crafted a ground-breaking new installation for Nissan's flagship Paris store. This innovative blend of art and technology is not only a first for Nissan, but it's also a rare feat for an LED screen of this scale to be executed in a retail space.

"We're constantly seeking progressive ways to showcase our products to the world, and for this store we wanted to find a new way to invite customers into our brand," commented Leslie Papon of Nissan Europe. "We commissioned an ambitious store design and turned to Found to produce animated content that would bring the space to life. We're really pleased with the result. It's a real talking point with our customers and has generated increased footfall and store penetration."

Without applying immersive or interactive technology, such as AR or VR, the installation still needed to have the impact of a live-action experience. "We asked Found to produce 20 minutes of wonderfully vivid 6k animation, and they delivered the perfect solution," said Alan Stickland, 20.20. "Their abstract animation provides a beautiful moving backdrop for the store environment. It's an enormous draw for customers, and manages the delicate balance between impact and ambiance so it complements, rather than dominates the store and the cars on display."

Found created two ten-minute CGI rendered loops that reflect Nissan's Japanese heritage by celebrating a mix of tradition, modernity, precision, and nature. The two worlds have been designed to play in symmetry, merging seamlessly and continuously to represent movement and progression.

The first loop, named 'realism' begins with a brutalist, concrete world and softens into beautiful, photo-real steel and glass structures. The second, titled 'abstract,' presents intricate Japanese-inspired geometric shapes, inspired by the materials and patterns of modern engineering. These are reflected onto the breadth of the vehicle below, bringing vibrant life to a static object.