Found Studio Teams up with Orluna and Brave to Bring 'Origin Natural' to Life

Found Studio Teams up with Orluna and Brave to Bring 'Origin Natural' to Life

Found has designed a series of bold and stylized interiors to showcase the quality and atmosphere of Orluna's latest 'Origin Natural' range. Inspired by nature, and the caress of natural light, Found explored the range of fittings in varied environments, considering their purpose, placement and interaction with rich, standout materials. Flora and fauna feature throughout, as the spaces are brought to life by the introduction of Orluna's considered and impeccably crafted light sources.

Giving Orluna's products a considered place to live, Found created an aspirational home to frame them in. Every detail had to be considered and designed from scratch - working together with the agency and the client, they played the role of architects, artists, product designers and engineers, pushing their filmmaking into a territory between live-action, motion design and visual effects.

Pushing the existing visual identity created by Brave, Found focussed on developing the pastel color palette and rounded interior architecture. Exploring the atmosphere of the range, the spaces were carefully designed with texture in mind.

"Our second project with Orluna challenged us to think like architects and interior designers, as well as CGI artists," said Clayton Welham, Creative Director at Found. "Lighting is a core component of our studio practice, and so to celebrate its effect on rooms and material textures has been really refreshing. The team at Brave had a clear vision for the project, meaning that we could really get into the finer details of what has become the Orluna house."

Images: Courtesy of Found