Paul Cocksedge Designs Landmark Project for Broadgate

Paul Cocksedge Designs Landmark Project for Broadgate

Paul Cocksedge has designed the landmark project for Broadgate, British Land's campus in City, as part of London Design Festival 2019. The large-scale installation, called 'Please Be Seated,' fuses innovation and technology and is the most ambitious of British Land's commissions to date.

Responding to the changing rhythm of the community, its design features curves for people to sit on and walk under, further enhancing London's largest pedestrianized neighborhood. Made from scaffolding planks, Paul Cocksedge is collaborating with Essex-based flooring company, White&White, to re-imagine and re-use the building wood.

The installation that will rise at the Broadgate site responds to the changing rhythm of people travelling through the square every day. It's both practical and playful, transforming the experience of the area.

"Every single aspect of this is tailored to its environment as well as the function it serves," Cocksedge commented. "The curves raise up to create backrests and places to sit, as well as space for people to walk under, or pause and find some shade. It walks the line between a craft object and a design solution. It occupies the square without blocking it."

Images: Courtesy of Paul Cocksedge Studio

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