Moooi Debuts Gravity Chandelier, Designed by Paul Cocksedge

Moooi Debuts Gravity Chandelier, Designed by Paul Cocksedge

Paul Cocksedge has partnered with Moooi on a new interpretation of the classic chandelier. The Gravity Chandelier is a fresh take on a traditional piece of lighting design, replacing heavy, static crystal with elegant arcs that are reminiscent of brush strokes, or ink drawings. The result of years of experiments in Cocksedge's London studio, the suspension lamp is supported by flexible fabric elements that end in pressed glass cups.

"I spent years picking things up in markets and in second-hand shops around the world, finding anything that I felt could be suspended and add a lovely curve," Cocksedge commented. "Eventually we had a breakthrough, and that was when we took the idea to Moooi."

Designed to be completely adaptable, Gravity Chandelier can be adjusted to fit into various interior spaces. Users can create various shapes with the light, and then allow the effects of gravity to define its final form. Cocksedge describes the light as the closest possible three-dimensional version of his original design sketch.

Photos: Courtesy of Moooi

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