Harry's Launches Shave With Pride Set

Harry's Launches Shave With Pride Set

Harry's has partnered with illustrator José Roda to launch Shave With Pride Set. The limited edition box includes a one of kind, iridescent razor - each with a rainbow coating that differs per razor.

"The process was a truly collaborative one; Jose understood our goals immediately, was a dream to work with," commented Scott Newlin, VP of Design, Harry's. "From the beginning, his ideas and drawings inspired not just our team, but the entire company. As we were working through the process, different people and teams around the office would gather when his work came in and were thrilled by the illustrations. That's when you know you've gotten something really great - when people not involved in the project get really excited to see the works in-process."

As part of the campaign, Harry's worked with people from the community on how to address all-too-common responses to queer identity with PRIDE. From drag artist, Shea Couleé to singer/songwriter Leland, the responses are equal parts amusing and thought provoking.

"We created several different artworks that were printed at the same time, creating four unique artworks: two different face groups and two different backgrounds," Newlin continued. "With the idea that Pride celebrates diversity and inclusion - no two people are the same and that a great thing - we thought we could infuse this idea into our design as best we could.

"In the same manner as the packages, we wanted each handle to be slightly different, a true positive reflection of Pride. The handles have a secondary coating that makes them iridescent, or rainbowed. The cool thing about that process is that each handle is slightly different - one might be more blue, another more pink."

"We wanted the final product to be more alive, imprecise and free," Jose added. "To do this, I used irregular lines and finishing touches that seem more manual and slightly more crafty. The giant confetti pattern in the background uses a slightly refined version of the rainbow colors, aiming to deliver something fresh and more designed, while remaining colorful, rough and vibrant."

Harry's will be donating 100% of profits to The Trevor Project in the USA and the Albert Kennedy Trust in the UK.

José Antonio Roda Martínez