Stellar Works Launches the Taylor Collection by Yabu Pushelberg

Stellar Works Launches the Taylor Collection by Yabu Pushelberg

Stellar Works has unveiled the Taylor Collection designed by Yabu Pushelberg. Grounded in clean, comfortable and functional design, the global design studio sought to create a collection of essentials that effortlessly work together but are not tied to a specific genre. Taylor creates a duality of new and familiar, enabling the collection to translate into a multitude of environments, from restaurants and hotels to residential projects.

The range grew from the initial creation of a sleekly profiled wood framed chair. From here, Yabu Pushelberg evolved the design to create a full collection featuring sofas, chairs, tables, and a cabinet.

Dining Chair and Table

The Taylor Dining Chair is a modern wooden framed chair designed with chamfer details to create an elegant and refined piece. For the chair, the surface of the seat is flushed, integrating the upholstery from seat to frame for an effortlessly striking silhouette.

The Taylor Dining Table is distilled to its purest essence. Yabu Pushelberg has intricately designed a sleek and versatile piece to create an elegant form that can be used for any interior and is perfectly paired with the Taylor Dining Chair, which is available in soap finished walnut.

Bar Stool and Counter Stool

The Taylor Bar Stool and Counter Stool are modern designs also featuring chamfer details. As with the dining chair, the surface of the seat is flushed for a modern yet classic aesthetic.

Glass Cabinet

The Taylor Glass Cabinet was designed as a minimal display and storage unit adopting a modern style and aesthetic echoed throughout the Taylor collection.

Sofa and Lounge Chair

The Taylor Sofa is a sectional piece designed with soft curves and minimal upholstery details in the seat, back, and armrests. A companion piece to the Taylor Sofa, the Taylor Lounge Chair is seductive and multidimensional in shape and form and echoes the lines of the Taylor Sofa.

The Taylor Valet

The Taylor Valet is designed as a sculptural form. Standing as a three-legged wooden piece, the valet is balanced by a fixed stone tray.

In order to create a collection that embodies sophisticated, timeless nuances, Yabu Pushelberg distilled every detail to its essence. Taylor is a reflection of pushing an idea to its most basic elements to intrinsically understand peoples' most honest needs. Nothing is exaggerated in the Taylor Collection, each curve, stitch, and fold is discreetly designed so that one feature does not preside over another. Instead, the details and elements collectively create a strong collective character.

"We designed the collection in a similar way you tailor a bespoke suit; with precision and patience," Glenn Pushelberg and George Yabu said. "Once you have a suit that is fitted to your measurements, it becomes an essential piece in your wardrobe. With this approach in mind, we designed Taylor, a collection of essentials that can fit well in traditional or contemporary environments. The simple, subtle, elegant detailing allows each piece to have a sense of belonging no matter where it lives. The name itself is a clever ode to the word tailored, personifying the virtues of the collection while still being a contemporary, unisex name."

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