Morrama Launches Angle Brush and Bowl on Kickstarter

Morrama Launches Angle Brush & Bowl on Kickstarter

Morrama launched a shaving Brush & Bowl to accompany the celebrated Angle Razor - a 2018 Kickstarter sensation, securing over 380% of its funding target. The Angle Brush & Bowl have a minimal and ergonomic design, are made with cruelty-free, corrosion-resistant materials, and provide a more hygienic, smoother shave that's better for the environment.

Morrama have stripped away any superfluous detail to create a beautifully minimal Brush and Bowl pairing to celebrate the ritual of shaving and elevate any bathroom set-up. The Brush has a cruelty-free synthetic knot that doesn't require softening in hot water like a traditional badger hair brush and remains extremely soft from the first use.

The arm of the bowl acts as a cradle for the brush allowing it to dry properly after each use and therefore reducing the build-up of bacteria. Not only does the brush balance perfectly on the non-slip base of the bowl, but the weight and shape of both tools have been considered for how they fit in the hand. The high sides to the bowl give you the ability to whip up a foam lather without it spilling over the sides.

"At Morrama we believe that less is more and our goal is always to provide the best user experience with the least amount of fuss," commented Jo Barnard, Founder at Morrama. "We launched the Angle Razor in 2018; a unique minimal design that in essence is little more than a blade and a handle, and we've taken the same approach with our Brush & Bowl. The Angle collection is about looking at things differently. Seeing shaving not as a tedious task but as an opportunity to slow down for a moment and take pride in the grooming ritual."


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