Morrama Designs Fully Sustainable Refillable Deodorant 'Wild'

Morrama Designs Fully Sustainable Refillable Deodorant 'Wild'

Morrama recently worked with Wild for the launch of a biodegradable refillable deodorant, with 100% recyclable refills made of bamboo pulp. Morrama helped bring to life Wild's vision of creating a more eco-friendly and less wasteful deodorant container through their innovative design. The deodorant utilizes a refill that can be delivered straight through a letterbox and is fully recyclable once used.

Over 250 million deodorants are bought in the UK every year, with the average lifespan of a typical plastic deodorant pack lasting over 400 years after it has been used. Wild aims to change this fact for the better.

Wild's deodorant design is minimal and intuitive. The case slides apart to remove and insert the refill and the user experience is not compromised by its sustainability factors. Made from bamboo pulp, the refills are 100% plastic-free and are fully recyclable once a user is finished with them. It's completely natural and organic ingredients also mean the deodorant itself is considered to technically be edible.

"Refillable deodorants are not a new thing, but no one has yet been able to make the refills 100% plastic-free," commented Jo Barnard, founder of Morrama. "Year after year we use and discard bathroom products without considering what happens to them. So we took on the challenge to develop a refill that has zero impact on the environment once it has been used. Paper pulp molding has provided us with the answer, enabling a bespoke design for the refill that works in conjunction with the case. We are really proud of the innovative way we have been able rethink cosmetic packaging - one of the industry's' biggest polluters - and to have a more positive environmental impact.

"We designed the WILD deodorant with every minor detail taken into consideration. From the size, shape, colour and ease of user experience, through to its recyclability and sustainable credentials. It has been designed as a truly premium product experience, but at an affordable price."

With an aluminum and recycled plastic case, WILD is a unisex deodorant available in a number of colors and scents - including Rose Blush, Coconut Dreams, and Mint Fresh - and is designed to be used again and again; significantly reducing the impact consumers are having on the planet.