Design Bridge New York Transforms Identity of Financial Alliance for Women

Design Bridge New York Transforms Identity of Financial Alliance for Women

Design Bridge New York has developed a dynamic new mission, name, visual identity and strapline for The Financial Alliance for Women, which captures the Alliance's personality as a Catalyst for Transformation in the global financial sector. The new positioning and identity reflect the Alliance's work since 2000 to transform the financial landscape and close the gender gap in financial services. It collaborates with members in over 135 countries to be champions of change. And now they have expanded their reach beyond banks to accelerate the financial power of all women through a host of initiatives and peer-to-peer learning for members including AXA, RBS and Mastercard.

"We began working with The Financial Alliance for Women last year as they started to broaden their ecosystem of members beyond banks to all financial institutions," said Cristina Tazza, VP of Strategy for Design Bridge New York. "Our role was to build a strong mission and brand that communicated their ambition as clearly and boldly as possible as they embarked on this exciting period of expansion and growth."

Design Bridge attended the Alliance's annual Summit in Jordan in 2018 to immerse themselves in the organization's work and to develop a comprehensive understanding of how they impact the work of their members. It was clear that the Alliance plays a very active role in embedding change within the financial ecosystem, leading Design Bridge to express the Alliance's core personality as 'Catalysts for Transformation.' This thinking was used to underpin the whole strategy and identity.

Design Bridge then evolved the organization's name from Global Banking Alliance for Women to Financial Alliance for Women to reflect its new, broader focus in driving change across the global financial industry. Design Bridge also developed the strapline of 'Championing the Female Economy.'

Design Bridge revitalized the brand's mission to: "Accelerating the financial power of all women by working with organizations to champion the female economy and unlock its full value," which supports the new visual identity that:

- Features a transformation graphic, based on the powerful force of women, and that captures the energy and dynamism of the Alliance and its members. It has been designed to work statically or animated to flex across different mediums.
- Features a neutral color palette chosen to avoid both overly feminine and corporate cues, aligning it more with FinTech brands.
- Includes photography, iconography and typography, and captures the positive, proactive and far-reaching scope of the Alliance's work.
- Has been created to sit comfortably alongside other financial organizations while avoiding conventional corporate banking cues.

Images: Courtesy of Design Bridge New York

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