The New Division Launches 'Target Finder' to Communicate UN's Iconic 17 Global Goals

The New Division Launches 'Target Finder' to Communicate UN's Iconic 17 Global Goals

The New Division, the sustainability strategy agency behind the design for the UN's iconic 17 Global Goals, has today launched a new Target Finder to help communicate them. The new handheld tool is designed to help businesses, governments and individuals understand the goals and targets in a practical and visually exciting way.

In 2015, world leaders at the UN Summit formed 17 Global Goals that have the power to build a better future. To make The Global Goals easy to be understood by everyone, sustainability agency The New Division created the iconic visual communication system that has made them recognizable all over the world today. In 2018, The New Division expanded the visual system to include the 169 Targets, the actionable working mechanisms connected to the Goals.

"Without the icons and Trollbäck + Company's tremendous work on visually telling the story of the Sustainable Development Goals, we simply would not be where we are today," commented Cathy Calvin, President and CEO of the United Nations Foundation. Today, The New Division has unveiled a new edition of the Target Finder, a handheld strategic tool that lists the 169 Targets in a practical and visually exciting way.

Coined by The New Division as a "periodic table of change", the Targets complement the Goals and give organisations, individuals and governments clear steps on what actions need to be taken to make the world a better place, and which social groups and communities are particularly vulnerable.

"The Targets are listed on the Global Goals website, but the Target Finder is a great complementary and convenient way to access the Targets by hand, work with them and understand how they are connected to each other. It also functions as a useful workshop or educational tool," stated Calle Strand, Communications Manager at The New Division.

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