LudwigType Releases Niko

LudwigType Releases Niko

LudwigType has unveiled its latest typeface, Niko, which offers a versatile system of 54 styles for texts from large to small.

Niko began as a typeface for a daily newspaper, which presented some interesting design challenges, including not-ideal paper & printing conditions, narrow columns packed with information, and nonuniform text appearing in many different hierarchies, from headlines to subheadings, main body text, and captions. In addition to solving these practical challenges, the typeface must not only be reliable and friendly but also distinct and precise to appeal to the readers and take them from column to column and page to page. To address these challenges, Niko has a relatively large x-height and open letterforms which emphasize the sense of horizontality, leading readers' eyes along the line. Wedge-shaped stem heads add liveliness and variety to the carefully crafted letterforms.

Niko's humanistic design makes for comfortable reading. The true italic includes subtle calligraphic elements that lend a fresh and lively appearance to the typeface. On the screen, Niko brings warmth and humanity to an otherwise cold medium. The 54 styles across nine weights and three widths offer tremendous typographic flexibility, making Niko a versatile typeface that can be used for a wide range of content including editorials, brochures, webpages, packaging, and corporate design.


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