Bulletproof Crafts Luxurious Branding and Packaging for Soapsmith

Bulletproof Crafts Luxurious Branding and Packaging for Soapsmith

Bulletproof has crafted a contemporary new branding and packaging for the award-winning London-based soap and body care brand, Soapsmith. Founded in 2012 by Samantha Jameson, Soapsmith has created a loyal cult following for its crafted and uniquely scented handmade soaps and body care products.

Inspired by the character and vibrancy of London locations, Soapsmith always used the highest quality, natural ingredients to deliver a superior product focussing on the excellence of the scent and fragrance. They knew they needed to step up from their passionately humble, independent beginnings to take the next step in their journey towards realizing their true potential. Bulletproof was briefed to review the Soapsmith brand, rationalize the portfolio and streamline the business in readiness for a rebrand and relaunch through positioning, tone of voice and design, creating a brand world that would take Soapsmith to the next level.

"After some serious research into the consumer and category, we soon realized that our consumers were faced with a sea of bland, faux-Scandi visual identities that lacked real depth and personality," said Nick Rees, global creative director and Bulletproof partner. "We saw an opportunity to bring color and personality back into the category and tell the Soapsmith brand story through a disruptive and bold redesign.

"Centered around the design idea of 'Urban Artistry' we sought to capture the unique backdrop of London that inspires the scents of Soapsmith's products while retaining the craft and creativity that the brand pours into all its products.

"We worked in collaboration with locally renowned illustrator Tom Abbiss-Smith to create bespoke illustrations for each of Soapsmith's seven unique scents. Each illustration was inspired by the textures, typography, street art and other sensorial experiences unique to that area.

"Our new branding combines inspiration from fashion house monograms and urban, industrial typography to create a strong, urban word marque that was balanced with a refined logo. Considered application of gold foil across the pack allowed us to add small touches of luxury that felt premium yet accessible.

"We also identified the need to rationalize the Soapsmith portfolio - simplifying the offer to return the brand to its heartland of quality, hand-crafted soaps, hand washes and body lotions. With this new focussed range, we were able to re-center the brand's efforts and solidify what Soapsmith stands for.

"The overall result is a bold and strikingly beautiful brand that reflects the quality and uniqueness of its handcrafted products and the London backdrop that inspired them."

Photos: Courtesy of Bulletproof