Cactus Designs Branding for Parc Mosaic

Cactus Designs Branding for Parc Mosaic

Cactus recently completed a new branding project for Parc Mosaic - a mindful apartment community in Boulder with the intent of attracting thoughtful, long-term residents.

The project had been years in the making. A sustainably sourced, forward-thinking brand built to meet LEED-certified building standards, Parc Mosaic was designed to appeal to a specific type of resident: an active, environmentally conscious person looking for a home and a place to thrive.

Green space, for instance, is maximized through an underground parking lot. Envisioned as a modern enclave balanced with nature, the property incorporates a 40-foot indoor climbing wall, bike storage, a dog wash and other cool features that encourage residents to live there longer because it was thoughtfully designed to have everything they need.

Cactus's goal was to create a multi-component marketing effort that communicated the attributes of this not-yet-built community to potential apartment dwellers before they could see it with their own eyes. Instead of marketing square feet and closet space, the studio aimed to connect on a deeper, more emotional level by leaning into the lifestyle Parc Mosaic would allow them to live.

The challenge was to create a brand that resonated with this very discerning audience and to build an atmosphere and an aura around something that wasn't yet built. Until recently, Parc Mosaic was dirt, dust, concrete and raw materials. Cactus needed to sell the idea of what Parc Mosaic was going to become: The potential of an ideal apartment community, not the reality of the unfinished construction site.

Parc Mosaic's design aesthetic is pulled directly from nature. The motif is inspired by Blue Grama, which is Colorado's state grass. The color palette of everything-from architectural elements down to the style guide that determines the rules for design-includes shades of gold, green, onyx and sandstone.