Kirei Launches EchoCloud Ziggy

Kirei Launches EchoCloud Ziggy

Kirei has released EchoCloud Ziggy, a modular acoustic ceiling system made from recycled materials designed to dampen unwanted overhead noise and echo with a modern edge. Ideal for large, open, high-ceiling spaces where ambient sounds combine to overwhelm and distract, Ziggy sits above the clatter with minimalist resolve as the three-dimensional cloud that controls sound while stirring visual interest from those below.

"The ceiling is essentially the fifth wall in a room in that it can serve as a canvas for various design elements," stated John Stein, President of Kirei. "In some instances, a design concept calls for something other than ceiling baffles so we designed Ziggy to be an edgy yet dual-purpose solution that provides visual motion and acoustic properties."

Unlike full ceiling treatments, EchoCloud Ziggy units can be installed specifically where noise matters most, whether that be in workplace, retail, hospitality, healthcare, education or other environments. Available in EchoPanel's 27 vibrant to neutral colorways, Ziggy units measure 46 inches x 72 inches with a 4-inch depth. Held together with parallel aluminum extrusions in an oval shape, Ziggy is easily installed with looped cable. Ziggy ships flat and is folded prior to installation.


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