Kirei Adds Tartan Tiles to EchoPanel Series

Kirei Adds Tartan Tiles to EchoPanel Series

Kirei has debuted EchoPanel Tartan Tiles, the newest addition to the company's EchoPanel series. Providing beauty and acoustic tranquility to any interior space, EchoPanel Tartan Tiles are a series of modular acoustic tiles offering a myriad of design possibilities. Each tile, designed with 12mm EchoPanel to add discrete sound absorption to walls and ceilings, is comprised of a smooth, sculpted, relief pattern that can easily be repeated or randomized based on any desired aesthetic.

"Designers are placing more emphasis than ever before on addressing sound during the design process," commented John Stein, President of Kirei. "Because of this, we anticipate the Tartan Tiles will appeal to those seeking an eco-friendly material that offers flexibility in both design and noise control."

Made from recycled materials, each tile measures 23 inches long by 23 inches wide, and is available in all 27 EchoPanel colors that range from neutral shades to vibrant hues. Customization is also available for unique design concepts. As for the installation process, it is simple-Tartan Tiles are mounted using a standard construction adhesive and adhere to any flat surface.


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