Kirei Launches New Horizons Collection by Michael DiTullo

Kirei Launches New Horizons Collection by Michael DiTullo

Kirei recently collaborated with Michael DiTullo to launch the New Horizons, a collection that gives architects and interior designers great-looking architectural design elements that are easy to understand, specify and install, are made from recycled content, and improve the acoustics and functionality of any room.

New Horizons is defined by clean lines and simple, minimalist textures. All of the products in the collection are made from 60% recycled water bottles.

"Featuring radically linear lines, New Horizons' consistent patterning creates a dynamic sightline while simultaneously balancing the acoustic performance of the interior environment at-hand," commented DiTullo. "Kirei is proof that good design is simultaneously functional, beautiful, and sustainable. I am delighted to work alongside the Kirei team in upholding this future-forward and design-centric vision for the built environment, and the exciting acoustic design opportunities of the future."

Images: Courtesy of Kirei


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