Brandon Designs New Brand Identity for Napolina

Brandon Designs New Brand Identity for Napolina

Brandon has designed a new look for Napolina, the UK's number one Italian cooking brand. The updated range is currently rolling out, starting with tinned tomatoes that launched on shelves in September.

The new look for Napolina was born out of the new brand proposition "For the love of Italian food." Keeping the black background and subtly evolving the brand logo to ensure instant recognition for shoppers on the go, the brand refresh reflects a dash of effortless style, synonymous with Italian culture and the beauty and simplicity of Italian cooking. This inspired the creative direction with its stripped-back, elegant and consistent architecture.

"In order for consumers to choose Napolina over other brands we needed to communicate the quality and passion behind the products, elevating the brand to support the new proposition," commented Simon Ellis, Client Services Director of Brandon. "We worked closely with the Napolina team, undertaking consumer research to create a strategy that best communicated the brand's ethos, celebrating its love for the best, authentic ingredients and helping to share its passion to inspire delicious new meal creations.

"It was important for us to create a clear and consistent brand architecture across the extensive range and multiple categories, whilst also creating ownable brand codes."

Current assets such as the logomark were refined and new elements such as the photography developed to create an effortlessly stylish look. Strong, single product shots are showcased proudly on each product to reinforce the pride and confidence of the brand, all to hero the quality expected from Napolina.

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