Brandon Designs New Identity for Frozen-treat Brand Yorica!

Brandon Designs New Identity for Frozen-treat Brand Yorica!

Brandon has designed the new brand identity for Yorica!, London's premier 'free-from' ice-cream parlor. Yorica!, which first opened in 2016 selling delicious ice creams that are free from all 14 major allergens, has made the shift from gelateria into the supermarket retail trade. The team at Brandon was tasked with creating a new identity and packaging design to evolve the brand from a cult following to a wider consumer market.

Yorica! has a very distinctive 1960s-inspired free-spirit identity that has proved hugely successful in its two London parlors, but it was felt that the demands of the supermarket space - including a limited consumer 'dwell' time and cluttered competitor shelf - required a brand refresh to ensure it stood out on the shelf.

To maintain brand familiarity and trust - essential in the allergen-free and vegan sectors - Brandon took some of the existing assets and amplified them to create a simple yet iconic brand identity that translates the Yorica! story to the retail trade. To further elevate the sense of trust and quality, graphic cues, including gold halos around the brand mark and Vegan Society symbol, have been added, and the '14 Allergen Free' message appears clearly and simply on the lid.

The graphic impact on pack has also been dialed up. Swirls from the original parlor livery have been evolved and made larger, with colorways that now represent the flavor within. The logotype has been contemporised and premiumised with a black keyline that 'lifts' it off pack and sets it apart from other brands.

Brandon also sought to communicate that while the products may lack ingredients like dairy, nuts and eggs, they are not short on flavour. The image of a single scoop taps into the appetite appeal that compels consumers on an emotional level, as well as adding further product clarity.

Images: Courtesy of Brandon

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