ShopTalk Creates Branding for Studio Duggan's Exclusive Homeware Brand 'Trove'

ShopTalk Creates Branding for Studio Duggan's Exclusive Homeware Brand 'Trove'

ShopTalk has created a holistic brand identity for Studio Duggan's new exclusive homeware brand 'Trove.'

Studio Duggan approached ShopTalk because it wanted Trove to exist in a beautiful world that would fully reflect its own unique design aspirations and expertise, empowering people to choose carefully curated, timeless pieces with confidence. To achieve this, ShopTalk has woven together an entire brand story for Trove, creating a layered and intriguing space that incorporates the physical and digital, taking customers on a journey through a mystical world that celebrates the brand at every twist and turn.

"When Studio Duggan approached us, the team expressed a love for majestic animals and exotic prints," commented Paul Ferry, Founder and Director, ShopTalk. "We took that creative 'feeling' and turned it into a faraway land - the mystical world of Trove.

"We wanted to convey a sense of exclusivity to appeal to discerning people. The renowned Studio Duggan is opening up its 'treasure trove' of designs for people to seek out and discover, so it was important to convey a sense of excitement and exploration. But the work had to function seamlessly in a commercial sense, too."

ShopTalk worked alongside illustrator Tatiana De Nicolay to create a beautiful series of illustrations to signpost people's interaction and journey with Trove, including a leopard to represent permanence and timelessness, a serpent to protect the key to the world of Trove, a hot-air balloon to transport precious cargo, and eyes to convey honesty and transparency. The key to the kingdom incorporates 'SD' to represent access to Studio Duggan's expertise, and also doubles as a palm tree, evoking a sense of far-flung luxury.

The ornate illustrations and symbols, alongside a bespoke serif font, have been devised to work across all brand touchpoints, from instore and online signposting, right through to the boxes, ribbons, bags and tags. The rich and elegant ambiance sets Trove apart from its more ubiquitous pared-back peers, too.