Adobe Releases Study That Reveals Creative Skills Gap in Workforce

Adobe Releases Study That Reveals Creative Skills Gap in Workforce

Many independent studies have shown that of the skills most needed for success in tomorrow's workforce, creativity and other 'soft' skills like communication and collaboration are at the top of the list. Today, Adobe has released the results of a new study that quantifies just how in demand these skills are for today's - and tomorrow's - job seekers and employers, across a variety of industries.

The study, which examined 2 million job postings and 2 million resumes across 18 diverse career fields and included in-depth interviews with 10 hiring managers, reveals a stark truth: despite employers' high demand for talent with creative/soft skills, today's applicant resumes are sorely lacking in supply of these skills.

Communication is the most sought-after creative/soft skill, followed by creativity and collaboration. 71% of job postings list communication as a necessary skill and 50% list creativity as a necessary skill - yet 3 in 4 applicant resumes did not include either of these skills.

Hiring managers want these soft skills better-showcased, noting these could be differentiators among the resumes reviewed both by recruiters and automated tracking software. Hiring managers believe these skills are critical across industries, not only in career fields like architecture or design more traditionally associated with creativity.

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