Vanderbrand Rebrands Sapsucker

Vanderbrand Rebrands Sapsucker

Vanderbrand has unveiled its rebranding for Sapsucker, an organic, plant-based, all-natural, and sustainably sourced tree water with no added sugar. A departure from the regular, Sapsucker is tapped from Canadian trees through environmentally friendly processes to harvest a naturally alkaline and vitamin-rich sparkling beverage.

Vanderbrand was engaged by Lower Valley Beverage Company (LVBC) to rebrand and reposition Sapsucker within the growing sparkling water market. This required a brand strategy and identity to position the beverage for global brand recognition.

Vanderbrand worked closely with LVBC to create an unexpected Canadian product from every angle; a holistic brand with a clear and consistent approach across the brand identity, product naming, packaging, copywriting, digital applications, social media, and art direction.

The brand identity for Sapsucker is strongly informed by its Canadian roots. The wordmark takes cues from Canadian nostalgia including local sports apparel and retail packaging. Pairing the historically referenced typeface with a modern graphic language resulted in a visual system that is appropriate, distinctive, and flexible for varied scales and applications.

Vanderbrand designed a brand system that considers every touchpoint, including the functionality of the packaging and its shelf presence. An unboxing experience was created to highlight Sapsucker's mandate to maintain sustainable processes for the planet, which is also a requirement for the knowledgeable and curious consumer. A custom 8-pack foldable carrier was developed with minimal adhesive making it more recyclable than the average carrier.

The agency developed and implemented a brand positioning that revolutionized Sapsucker's position in the health and wellness category. An eye-catching shelf presence, balanced with a witty tone and clever messaging, established a no-nonsense and unique visual language.


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