Moxon Architects Wins Design Competition for Sustainable Timber Bridge for Balingen

Moxon Architects Wins Design Competition for Sustainable Timber Bridge for Balingen

Moxon Architects has won an invited competition for a pedestrian and cycle bridge for the town of Balingen in southern Germany. Created in collaboration with timber bridge engineering specialist Ingenieurb├╝ro Miebach, the proposal embodies Balingen's ambitious dual commitment to design excellence and a sustainable future.

The innovative, sustainable, and low-maintenance bridge will feature a pair of structural timber beams spanning 40 meters over the River Eyach at an oblique angle, cradling pedestrians and cyclists upon a 3.5m wide deck. The two subtly angled and tapered beams are designed to flare outwards in plan as they approach either riverbank, embracing the town's network of footpaths and cycle tracks.

The beams extend above the level of the deck to form the bridge's parapet sides - a necessity allowing the bridge to clear future predicted flood levels while enabling fully accessible gradients at either approach. The outward leaning outer faces of the shaped glulam beams will be visible, weathering naturally over time. The inner, pedestrian facing surfaces will be clad in native timber slats with integrated lighting and handrails.

"We are delighted with this win. We look forward to working with a client who recognises the importance of sustainable infrastructure and a world-leading engineer fully committed to timber structures," commented Ezra Groskin, Associate at Moxon Architects. "The new bridge will strengthen the footpath network in Balingen and contribute to responsible regeneration. Furthermore we believe timber will continue to play a growing role in the UK's built environment and so are excited to bring the experience and knowledge gained through this Euorpean collaboration home where it will inform our approach to designing both bridges and buildings in this country."

Images: Courtesy of Moxon Architects

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