iN STUDIO Completes New Offices for Canada Lands Company

iN STUDIO Completes New Offices for Canada Lands Company

iN STUDIO has designed Canada Lands Company's (CLC) new workspace on the 17th floor of Toronto's One University Office Tower. CLC's new workplace features a more open environment, fostering seamless collaboration between employees. Additional connection hubs, such as the centrally placed cafe, serve as places for large gatherings or informal meeting areas for employee brainstorms or team debriefs. Enclosed meeting rooms are given individualized accents, with a customized graphic privacy film bringing the outline of Canada to life.

Custom elements throughout the office continuously call back to CLC's commitment to Canada and nature, epitomized by a unique felt map of the country greeting visitors at the reception - an instant talking point. Contemporary features such as a wood screen behind reception are integrated to give the workspace a modern, transparent feel.

A natural color palette with dark blue and crimson accents, surrounded by warm nutmeg woods, provides a homey feel to staff and guests alike. Natural light filters into the workspace of every employee, guaranteeing that the space feels open and inviting independent of where you sit or stand.

Photography: Steve Tsai


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