Ross Lovegrove Designs 2019 British Fashion Awards Trophy

Ross Lovegrove Designs 2019 British Fashion Awards Trophy

The British Fashion Council and Swarovski commissioned Ross Lovegrove to design this year's Fashion Awards trophy. The Welsh designer's trophy consists of laser-cut DNA, suspended inside a monolithic crystal, conveying a message of hope in the convergence of science and technology with instinct, openness and creativity.

The precision-cut Swarovski crystal creates a statuesque structure that highlights the material's abilities to create striking and unexpected optical effects. An internally laser-etched double helix of creative DNA coils around itself suggesting a constant self-referencing and inward-looking perspective utilizing Swarovski's innovative green light laser technology. The laser beam is focused on a minute area, positioned with a precise mirror system so that every laser pulse creates the intricate DNA pattern point by point. On the surface of the trophy, Swarovski's Crystal Moonlight dichroic coating produces a captivating effect, enhancing the geometric structure and adding sparkling elegance to the award.

The crystal trophies have been handcrafted by Swarovski's master cutters at the company's headquarters in Wattens, Austria. Each trophy weighs approximately 722g and measures 240mm in height and has 18 facets. The trophy features Swarovski's patented Advanced Crystal formula, which enables the crystal to be lead-free1 while retaining its superior brilliance and sparkle. A third of Swarovski's energy for crystal production comes from renewables and 76% of the water used in production is met through recycled sources.

"As a designer it's given me great pleasure to design The Fashion Awards 2019 trophy as I realize the impact that fashion has on many areas of human existence and culture," commented Lovegrove. "After many years of collaborating with Swarovski on innovative projects that push the science and technology of this fascinating material, the DNA that's etched into the core of my crystal design reflects the endless creative diversity that can come from a single source and coding."

Photography: Mark Cocksedge

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