BFC's 2020 Fashion Awards Trophy Designed by Parley for the Oceans

BFC's 2020 Fashion Awards Trophy Designed by Parley for the Oceans

The British Fashion Council (BFC) recently collaborated with Parley for the Oceans and 3D-printing design specialist Nagami to create a trophy made out of Parley Ocean Plastic, for the 2020 Fashion Awards.

The trophy represents the BFC and Parley's commitment to encouraging positive change within the fashion industry, their efforts to help raise awareness and transparency to promote a more responsible future and encourage the dialogue on environmentally conscious design.

"This project underlines the importance of a radical shift in the way we produce, not only contributing to the reduction of plastic waste in our coastlines by using Ocean Plastic, but also doing it with an incredibly compact, clean and sustainable solution: 3D Printing," commented Manuel Jimenez Garcia, Founder and CEO, Nagami. "We are proud of joining Parley's mission on protecting our Oceans, and demonstrate that eco-innovation and technology can certainly help us navigating towards a more sustainable future."

Ocean Plastic is a premium material created from upcycled plastic waste recovered from remote islands, waters and coastlines by the Parley Global Cleanup Network. Ocean Plastic was invented to catalyze change in response to marine plastic pollution and the destruction of our oceans. It is a catalyst for the Material Revolution and helps fund initiatives of Parley's Ocean Plastic Program focused on direct impact, communication and education, eco-innovation, and research and development. Each Trophy is made from the equivalent of approximately 75 intercepted plastic bottles.

Photos: Courtesy of BFC

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