Cactus Club Café by Assembledge+

Cactus Club Café by Assembledge+

Assembledge+ has designed the fifth Cactus Club Cafe location in Canada located in Burnaby at Station Square. The project seeks to bring the brand's hallmark formula of upscale, inventive, and global cuisine paired with a high-energy, high-design setting to a neighborhood accessible to a new segment of the city's residents.

With seating for nearly 300 guests both inside and on the patio, the lounge and dining room are clad in the signature material palate, consisting of the cornerstone finishes rift-cut white oak, oil-rubbed bronze, and dark leather. The interior design epitomizes the Cactus Club brand with its clean, modern, and sumptuous aesthetic. A continuous ribbon of wood ceiling transverses the space, creating a cohesive design element that unifies the dining experience.

Situated on a prominent corner at the base of a new development, the exterior walls of the space are completely operable, seamlessly integrating interior and exterior spaces. A new canopy, clad in blackened steel, strikes a bold line to distinguish the restaurant from the tower above. The wood ribbon ceiling extends out with the canopy, projecting the signature design element of the space out into the public realm. The patio is capable of being operated year-round, made possible with a combination of sliding glass walls and radiant heat arrays that are seamlessly integrated into the architecture and disappear completely during the warm months.

Photography: Ema Peter


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