Skrivo Designs Drape Collection for Bontempi Divani

Skrivo Designs Drape Collection for Bontempi Divani

Skrivo recently designed a new collection of sofas for Bontempi. The Drape collection is characterized by the way the underlying construction is exposed in order to create a visual contrast between the various materials. The tubular steel structure bends and swoops around the seat and backrest which in turn creates a functional and visually interesting detail that is covered with a dense layer of fabric or leather that acts as a skin.

One of the goals of this project was to reconsider the way sofas are constructed and by looking at their underlying structures which are usually hidden under multiple layers of fabrics and foam. This collection addresses this by attempting to use less material and more efficiently while also revealing its inner workings. One of the sources of inspiration were the flowing and organic shapes of metal banisters and handrails found in modernist architecture.

Photos: Courtesy of Skrivo


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