LittleSolves Launches its First Product 'SleepWell'

LittleSolves Launches its First Product 'SleepWell'

Anthony Dickens, the founder of LittleSolves, has launched SleepWell - a bedside drinking glass successfully funded through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in just 30 hours. As with all good ideas, it was borne out of personal experience, "In the middle of the night, I put my glass down too hard and woke my partner and couldn't get back to sleep," Dickens commented. "Being a designer this led me to start thinking about what the perfect bedside drinking glass would be."

SleepWell is a bedside glass that's nicer to touch, harder to accidentally knock over and quieter to put down. Its simple design looks and feels great, coming in eight colors to suit all bedrooms.

The base is made from the highest food-grade silicone material. The sound-absorbing design removes any chance of disturbing anyone's sleep. 'Fins' around the base, soften the landing making it quiet and make the glass harder to push or knock over. After hundreds of drop-tests, SleepWell's shape and toughened glass protect it when accidents happen.

The SleepWell glass is the first in a new collection from the LittleSolves brand who are focusing on solving the 'stubbed toe moments' of everyday life that can lead to negative emotional spirals that can accumulate into a bad day.

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