Felix Braden Releases New Type Family 'Arpona'

Felix Braden Releases New Type Family 'Arpona'

Felix Braden has released his new type family 'Arpona.' Arpona is inspired by roman letters carved in stone but otherwise difficult to categorize. It is neither a pure serif nor a sans but rather a symbiosis of different design concepts.

The typeface has small wedge serifs and a strong character, ideal for corporate design and all projects characterized by a sense of individualism - for example, art, fashion, food, beverage and lifestyle topics. Because of its display qualities, Arpona is a good choice for packaging, advertising and editorial design and is well readable even in running text on screen.

The family has nine weights, ranging from Thin to Black plus corresponding italics. Each style includes 590 glyphs supporting all western-, eastern- and central-european languages including four sets of figures and various currency symbols.


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