Ragged Edge Creates Headline-Grabbing Rebrand for VC Fund Northzone

Ragged Edge Creates Headline-Grabbing Rebrand for VC Fund Northzone

Ragged Edge recent rebranded venture capital fund Northzone. The move sees the renowned VC cement and expand its place on the European stage, while positioning it for growth internationally.

Since 1996, Northzone has made over 150 investments, raised over €1.5 billion, and survived two financial crises unscathed. So Paul Murphy, general partner, felt it was time to tell the story of what sets them aside from the rest. The fund, which has invested in Spotify, Trustpilot and Kahoot among others, approached Ragged Edge because it wanted to elevate its profile to match its formidable track record.

That strength of character underpins the fund's new positioning, informing everything from the visual and verbal identity, right through to the firm's approach to content on its new website. Ragged Edge took inspiration from editorial design to convey Northzone's unwavering honesty, along with photography and illustrations to flex around individual stories, to create a distinct rebrand in the VC arena.

"A lot of the messaging in the VC world is pretty interchangeable - there's an industry vernacular that's all too easy to slip into," commented Max Ottignon, co-founder, Ragged Edge. "But Northzone has a genuine point of difference. Instead of relying on an overarching operating thesis like most firms, the partners at Northzone have the freedom to back their own conviction in order to identify true outliers. And they look for that same sense of conviction in the entrepreneurs they back. That felt like a powerful foundation on which to build a brand that would set them apart."

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